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DONOR : Terre des homes, Netherlands


Development Objectives: Safe & sustainable water supply, environmental sanitation and personal hygiene facilities significantly improved in the selected disadvantaged off-shore island in the coastal belt in adaptation with climate change issues.

Immediate Objectives:
1) People within the intervention areas adhere to proper hygiene practices, use hygienic latrines and safe water for most domestic purposes. 
2) Decision-makers and the civil society are strengthened to facilitate the promotion of sustainable WatSan and relevant environmental facilities. 


1.1) Community awareness on the safe and sustainable WatSan services and facilities are created and strengthened the capacity of relevant stakeholders.

1.2) More people in project intervention areas have access to hygienic latrines and maintain safe hygiene behaviour.

1.3) Safe water is made accessible to more people in project intervention areas.

2.1) A strong network among the policy-makers, programme planners, media people, LGI representatives and other relevant stakeholders in the civil society is established.


3 off-shore islands covering 5 unions under Galachipa upazila of Patuakhali district.

MAJOR ACTIVITIES: (Software/Hardware)

  • Module Development/ Review 2
  • Orientation on Disaster Preparedness and Management Focusing on WatSan 1
  • Training on Hygiene Promotion (Project Staff, CHV, TBA) 1
  • Training on Folk Media, Popular Theatre and Culture for Local Cultural Groups 1
  • Training on Leadership and Management for VDC Members 5
  • Training on Community-managed WatSan Programme 2
  • Training on Water Quality Testing 1
  • Training on Disaster Preparedness and Management Focusing on WatSan 1
  • Training on Participatory Monitoring 2
  • Technical Skill Development Training on Latrine Production for Private Producers 4
  • Caretaker Training on Repairing & Maintenance of Water Supply Technologies 3
  • School Wall Painting Focusing on WatSan and Environment 40
  • Flyer on Pre & Post Disaster Management 1
  • Audio-video Slide 2
  • School WatSan and Hygiene Material Package 1
  • VDC Formation and Orientation 81
  • Bi-monthly Meeting of VDC 355
  • Hygiene Session with Female 220
  • School WatSan Programme 25
  • Rally & Miking 10
  • Popular Theatre on WatSan 10
  • Mobile Film Show at Community Level 45
  • Hygiene Session with Fishermen Group 10
  • Child to Child Approach 45
  • Tea Stall Session 45
  • Observance of National and International Days 5
  • Ward WatSan Promotion Committee Meeting at Ward Level 180
  • Quarterly Monitoring 2
  • Physical Monitoring (Six-monthly) 1
  • Establishment of Village Sanitation Centre (VSC) 7
  • Construction of School Latrine 0
  • Repairing of School Latrine 5
  • Deep Tubewell 60
  • Pond Sand Filter (PSF) 0
  • Rain Water Harvesting System (RWHS) 0
  • Dug-well 0
  • Water Quality Test of Different Water Supply Options 0
  • Repairing of Existing Water Technologies 50
  • Maintenance Kit Box 60
  • ORS/WPT (Lump sum per year) 1
  • Project Launching Workshop 1
  • National Consultation on WatSan & Climate Change Issues in the Off-shore Island 0
  • Upazila Discussion Forum 2
  • Media Exposure on WatSan & Climate Change 1
  • Union Advocacy Meeting with LGI & Local Stakeholders 24
  • Observance of Sanitation Month at Upazila Level 1
  • Development of Project Brochure 1 
  • Information Pocket Book on WatSan & Climate Change Issues 1

Total Budget : 59,405,478 BDT

Project Duration: 
Thursday, January 1, 2009 to Saturday, December 31, 2011
Project Type: