|| About NGO Forum

At the backdrop of grim scenario around the globe in the area of water supply and sanitation resulting in dangerously high incidences of mortality and morbidity, the United Nations General Assembly launched the International Drinking Water Supply and Sanitation Decade (IDWSSD) for the period 1981-1990. The Decade was observed with the mission to help reduce mortality and morbidity caused by water-borne diseases at the grassroots. And to implement the Decade programme in Bangladesh.NGO Forum was established in 1982 as the brainchild of the United Nations Steering Committee in line with the International Drinking Water Supply and Sanitation Decade (IDWSSD). Following a long evolution process, the organization has evolved in the development sector with legal entity in the year 1991. Presently it is involved as the apex networking and service delivery body of NGOs, CBOs and private sector operators in the WASH sector of Bangladesh. In line with the multi-dimensional aspects & challenges in WASH sector, the Forum widened its programmatic domain beyond WASH. Since 2011 the organization is being renamed as the NGO Forum for Public Health. NGO Forum is thus, serving as a national networking and rights-based service delivery organization.

It is engaged to promote WASH, nutrition, health, governance, humanitarian responsiveness, safe migration and climate resilience to contribute to the improvement of public health and safety, especially for the poor, marginalized and excluded segments of the society. NGO Forum implemented several governance focused projects in which successful efforts were made to engage the relevant Local Government Institutions in promoting LGI-led & community-managed services. Climate change adaptation and resilience building is an integral component of these governance focused projects. Maximum projects were implemented in climate vulnerable and hard-to-reach areas of the country. The organization implemented at least 11 humanitarian focused projects. It is also serving emergency WASH interventions incorporating DRR component to the Rohingya refugee population. Disaster risk measures against landslides, flash floods, etc. have been incorporated in these interventions.

Vision :

" An inclusive healthy society with peoples’ rights and dignity "

Mission :

NGO Forum for Public Health is a national rights-based, networking and service delivery organization engaged to promote WASH, health, nutrition, livelihood, governance, disaster & climate resilience, and humanitarian response to contribute to the improvement of public health situation, especially for the poor and marginalized segments of the society.

Being a learning organization, NGO Forum for Public Health utilizes its proven experiences of working with other development partners, including UN bodies, LGIs, all concerned government departments, non-government agencies, national and international stakeholders.

With a competent, committed, and decentralized workforce, NGO Forum for Public Health strives to establish towards an enabling inclusive healthy society by complementing the implementation of all required national & international policies.

Goals :

  • Improving public health scenario through ensuring access to safe, affordable water supply, safely managed sanitation, hygiene, and health care services.
  • Reducing climate vulnerability by focusing on climate adaptation strategies and disaster risk reduction.
  • Undertaking humanitarian services and protecting human rights & dignity.

Core Values :



  • Inclusive society
  • People’s rights & human dignity
  • Gender equity
  • Humanitarian services
  • Green environment
  • Good governance
  • Networking & partnership
  • Learning for Adaptability

Programmatic Strategic Issues :

  • Public Health
  • Environment and Disaster Management
  • Water Quality and Management
  • Arsenic Mitigation
  • Sustainable WaSH Management
  • Hard-to-Reach and Equity
  • Gender Equity
  • Capacity Development
  • Governance and Transparency
  • Urban WaSH & Health Management
  • Waste Management
  • Food Security and Safety
  • Humanitarian Assistance
  • Networking and Advocacy

Network :

NGO Forum maintains a nation-wide working structure to facilitate the supports in a decentralized fashion. Through its working structure in communion with around 850 partner NGOs & CBOs, NGO Forum’s entire working area is encompassed into 14 Regions with administrative and management set-up at each of the Regional Offices. In line with its mandate NGO Forum maintains a dynamic network with all relevant national and international agencies and stakeholders ranging from the policy-makers and civil society to the resource sharing partners