Advocacy and Networking

As a strong implementing agency in the sector, NGO Forum has always been active in policy advocacy to catalyze sustainable changes in the sector through contributing to sectoral policy formulation and policy reformation, influencing the government and private sector. It has played a pivotal role in the gap analysis of secondary/primary School textbooks under the National Curriculum and Textbook Board (NCTB). Contextual inclusion of WASH messages have been ensured in the textbooks through the strong Policy Advocacy role by NGO Forum. The WASH messages have a multi-level application in the textbooks and other platforms by the ministry of education. Through the media advocacy, NGO Forum mobilizes and involves the journalist to participate in different sectoral programs and they publish the news both in electronic and print media.

Promoting Governance and Human Rights

In recent times, NGO Forum has implemented several governance focused projects creating space for the community people to speak out for its demands and engage with participatory planning process of relevant LGIs. In 2017, NGO Forum completed the implementation of such a people centric intervention that addressed human rights of the socially excluded extreme poor and marginalized population in terms of their access to safe drinking water, primary healthcare, agriculture and social safety net services. Equitable allocation of the available public resources through participatory planning has been the critical issue ...

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