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Visiting Jute bag Production center of camp 5.

On July 23,2022, The Honorable Parliamentary Vice-Minister for Foreign Affairs, Japan, Mr. HONDA Taro; the honorable ambassador of Japan to the Peoples of Republic of Bangladesh Mr. ITO Naoki; the Honorable President of Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) Mr. TANAKA Akihiko; have visited Jute bag Production center of camp 5. During the visit they were accompanied by the Director General of South Asia Department, JICA, Mr. ITO Teruyuki; First Secretary of the Embassy of Japan, Mr. HARUTA Hiroki; National Staff, JICA BD, Mr. Hasan Alimul along with other delegates of JAPAN Embassy and JICA; Principal Situation Coordinator (Cox’s Bazar) Ms. Ita Schuette, The Executive Director of NGO Forum Mr. S. M. A. Rashid and Mr. Subrata Kumar Chakrabarty from Livelihoods Unit team of UNHCR. From the RRRC Office, Mr. Arif Faisal Khan (Assistant Secretary) and the representative of CIC of Camp-5 also attended during this visit. They were welcomed at this center by The Project Coordinator of NGO Forum, Mr. Ataur Rahman and Central manager Ms. Urbi Chakma. They were briefed by Mr. Subrata Kumar Chakrabarty about different diversified jute products and making processes by the refugee women when they walked around the various units of this production center. They talked to the refugee women who were employed in this production center. They exchanged their thoughts on how these activities are bringing changes in their day-to-day life. After visit, they expressed their cheerfulness.



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