Project Details

Collaborative research: Enhancing Informal risk-sharing and private initiative to mitigate local environmental risks

Funding Agency :
The Trustees of Columbia University in the City of NY, USA
Proejct Period :
March 2019 - June 2023
Total Budget :
Location :
District: Narshingdi Upazila: Sadar, Raypur, District: Brammanbaria Upazila: Sadar, Bancharampur, Nabinagar
Project Objective & Goal :

To combine empirical analysis and data collection to understand how a higher level of mitigation to local environmental and health risks can be achieved with individual and community-level efforts to share privately-owned resources in a social group.

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Focal Person

    Md. Ahasan Habib

    Head of Research, M&E

    NGO Forum for Public Health


Principal Investigator

    Prabhat Barnwal

    Assistant Professor, Department of Economics, Michigan State University, USA

Co-Principal Investigator

    Alexander Van Geen

    Professor, Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory of Columbia University