NGO Forum has a comprehensive M & E set-up with potential personnel for conducting monitoring and evaluation activities as per requirement of the organization. The Forum develops a comprehensive M&E plan for measuring the project process, outputs, objectives and goal and also fulfills the information need of the organization and donor.

NGO Forum conducts monitoring to measure process, outputs and outcomes level by using qualitative and quantitative method. For each of the level, the indicators are defined firstly, and then different tools and techniques are developed for monitoring conduction. The monitoring system is designed and administered to keep the work on track, to let management know when things are going wrong or right, to what extend the progress happened and whether activities are conducting according to plan.

Out-set of a project, NGO Forum conducts a detail baseline survey by using quantitative and qualitative method. The baseline design is developed considering the project activities, outputs, outcomes/effects and goal. Through baseline survey, the initial situation of the implementing area of the project is captured which indicate the implementation planners necessary information on where to give emphasis. Baseline survey findings also serve as a basis for measuring outcome of project in different duration.

NGO Forum conducts formative & summative evaluation for each of the project by the external firm/ consultant (s). For each types of evaluation, NGO Forum develops a ToR to draw up sensible proposal to meet the needs of the project evaluation.

Formative evaluation is conducted in considering the objectives
  • The capacity of the project to achieve what it set-out to do
  • It address management and implementation in terms of relevance, effectiveness, efficiency and potential sustainability and
  • It assess the strength of the implementing institution in terms of its ability to sustain the project.
Summative evaluation is conducted in considering the objectives
  • To assess whether or not the project achieved its goal
  • To assess changes (positive & negative) in the lives of the targeted beneficiaries
  • It assess the strength of the implementing institution in terms of its ability to sustain the project.

After developing ToR, the organization requests for EOI from the eligible firm/ consultant(s) to submit the technical and financial proposals. Proposal evaluation team reviews the entire submitted proposal and prepare a proposal evaluation report. Then according to organizational procurement policy, the eligible firm/ consultant(s) is assigned to carry out the assignment.

As per project proposal and donor agreement, the organization develops different types of reports and according to time frame the report is sent to the donor and the stakeholders. In the interim period, monitoring findings are summarized in a written report and it is shared with donor. Similarly the full written evaluation report with executive summary or a special version, focused on donor concerns and interests is shared with donor. These sorts of reports are also shared with management team, staff and beneficiaries level in different ways, sometimes in written form, sometimes verbally.

NGO Forum develops a number of print materials such as Annual Report, Organization Brochure, Newsletter, Bulletin, Information Pocket Book, Success Story Book and so on with a view to disseminating WatSan and organizational information effectively among a wider range of stakeholders