Reseach Publications by NGO Forum

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1 Do Community Water Sources Provide Safe Drinking Water? Evidence from a Randomized Experiment in Rural Bangladesh
2 How does delegating decisions to communities affect the provision and use of a public service? Evidence from a field experiment in Bangladesh
3 Access to safe drinking water: Experimental evidence from new water sources in Bangladesh
4 Participatory governance: how citizens value inclusive institutions
5 Awareness and engagement of community enhances WASH in local HCF
6 Group Size and Collective Action Evidence from Bangladesh
7 Mechanisms of participatory development: Fairness norms and value of participation
8 Towards sustainable sanitation management: Establishing the costs and willingness to pay for emptying and transporting sludge in rural districts with high rates of access to latrines
9 Pump it up: Making single-pit emptying safer in rural Bangladesh
10 Association between chronic arsenic exposure and nutritional status among the women of child bearing age: a case-control study in Bangladesh
11 Community Participation in Decision-Making Evidence from an Experiment in providing safe drinking water in Bangladesh
12 Understanding Institutional Persistence: Exposure to Community-Driven Development and the Value of Autonomy and Democracy
13 How to clean a tubewell: the effectiveness of three approaches in reducing coliform bacteria
14 Transparency, governance, and water and sanitation: Experimental evidence from schools in rural Bangladesh
15 When does community participation in decision-making Improve outcomes? Evidence from a field experiment in Bangladesh